God's Providence The Gift of Adoption

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About The Author Cee Mystique

Cee Mystique is a writer, poet, blogger, and lecturer. She is a divorced mother of two precious young men living in New York. In her spare time, Cee loves to read, write, teach, and travel. She is a believer of true love and inner beauty. Cee has overcome many adversities in her life through prayer and courage, which is grounded in an unyielding faith in God.

As a writer, her work can be characterized as sweet as apple pie or as unpredictable as a stormy night. The poetic side of her conveys stories of love, pain, and friendships. As a blogger, she seeks to educate, inspire, and uplift her audience. Cee is an inspirational speaker who shares her insight, wisdom, and experience to help young mothers and caregivers of special needs children. She seeks to be an instrument in God's hands to change the lives of others by imparting hope and direction in the midst of life's challenges.

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